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South Ural State University, “Economics and Management”
Mr. Ildyakov Aleksandr Valerevich possesses 10-year experience of enterprise management and commercialization of high technology products. He had successfully implemented 10 innovative projects.

Abramov Vladimir Olegovich

Deputy CEO

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University, “Physics”, Winner of Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology

Mr. Abramov Vladimir Olegovich is conducting applied acoustics research over more than 40 years. He wrote more than 150 scientific papers. He had been leading more than 15 innovative projects, which were successfully implemented. He is the developer of ultrasonic equipment, which is operating in more than 20 countries around the world.

Bayazitov Vadim Muratovich

Senior Researcher

Candidate of Engineering Sciences (PhD), Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, “Physics of Metals”, additional education at Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys “Ultrasonic Equipment and Technique”.

More than 40 years Mr. V. M, Bayazitov is working in the field of development of techniques and equipment using high-power ultrasound and participated in more than 20 innovative projects. He is a member of European Sonochemical Society and author of more than 50 scientific papers (Acoustics) and 10 patents and applications.

Kamler (Abramova) Anna Vladimirovna


Candidate of Engineering Sciences (PhD), Physics Master “Physics and Management of Scientific Research and High Technologies”, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Mrs. Kamler (Abramova) Anna Vladimirovna participated in more than 10 innovative projects. She is a member of the European Sonochemical Society and the author of more than 50 scientific papers (Acoustics and Sonochemistry, including two chapters of monographs). Moreover, she’s an author of more than 15 patents and applications. Mrs. Kamler (Abramova) Anna Vladimirovna is experienced in scientific research of ultrasound propagation in various environments and optimization of ultrasonic equipment.



A sonochemical technology for coating of textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles and eqipment for ist implementation

A. Abramova, A. Gedanken, V. Popov, E.-H. Ooi, T. J. Mason, E. M. Joyce, J. Beddow, I. Perelshtein, V. Bayazitov

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Ultrasonic technology for enhanced oil recovery from failing oil wells and the equipment for it’s implementation

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In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 20, 1289-1295


Ultrasonically improved galvanochemical technology for the remediation of industrial wastewater

V. O. Abramov, A. V. Abramova, P. P. Keremetin, M. S. Mullakaev, G. B. Vexler, T. J. Mason

Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 21, 812-818


Selective ultrasonic treatment of perforation zones in horizontal oil wells for water cut reduction

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A method for water well regeneration based on shock waves and ultrasound

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In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 36, 375–385


Acoustic and sonochemical methods for altering the viscosity of oil during recovery and pipeline transportation

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In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 35, 389-396


A sol-gel method for applying nanosized antibacterial particles to the surface of textile materials in an ultrasonic field

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In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 60 (2020) 104788


The pecularities of ultrasonic equipment design for stabilization of dispersed structures of alumosilicic reagents for wastewater treatment

Vladimir O.Abramov, Anna V.Abramova, Vadim M.Bayazitov, Roman V.Nikonov, Yuri I.Voitov, Igor S.Fedulov

In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 64 (2020), 105041


Flow-mode water treatment under simultaneous hydrodynamic cavitation and plasma

Vladimir O.Abramov, Anna V.Abramova, Giancarlo Cravotto, Roman V.Nikonov, Igor S.Fedulov, Vladimir K Ivanov

In: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 70 (2021) 105323